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Opportunities on The Way to Net-Zero in the Global Gold Sector

Interview with Terry Heymann, Chief Financial Officer, World Gold Council, at World Climate Summit

In this video interview, Terry Heymann, Chief Financial Officer of World Gold Council, shares the role that the organisation plays in decarbonising the gold sector and in advancing the global transition to a low-carbon economy, and introduces initiatives to enhance the resilience of the gold industry to the impacts of climate change.

Representing the World Gold Council as a Strategic Partner of the World Climate Foundation networks, at World Climate Summit - The Investment COP 2022, Terry Heymann contributed to Opening Session “From Glasgow to Sharm el-Sheikh - Tracking Progress on Implementation towards Net Zero”.

Watch the interview:


About World Gold Council

The World Gold Council (WGC) is a global centre of expertise on gold. The WGC develops standards, expands access to gold, and tackles barriers to adoption to stimulate demand and support a vibrant and sustainable future for the gold market and its many stakeholders. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the WGC's approach. It is an association whose members are the world’s most forward-thinking gold mining companies. Combining their insights with those of other industry partners and stakeholder groups, the WGC seeks to develop and enhance gold’s evolving role as a catalyst for advancements that meet societal needs. This includes expanding our knowledge of gold’s potential contributions to mitigating risks and building resilience in the context of a world being reshaped by climate change. 

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About Terry Heymann

Terry Heymann is CFO at the World Gold Council and has broad experience across the gold supply chain. In addition to his role as CFO, Terry also oversees the World Gold Council’s work on standard-setting for the industry, including the development of the Responsible Gold Mining Principles, the Conflict-Free Gold Standard and the Guidance Note on All-In costs, all of which support increased transparency and integrity in the gold industry. Prior to joining the World Gold Council, Terry was a Principal at Marakon Associates, a leading strategy consultancy, where he helped clients in a number of industries with strategic issues and new product development. 


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