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Establishing Public-Private Dialogue for Cross-Sectoral Solutions & Investments


World Health Network will plan engagement activities for our members throughout the year, convening experts and high-level decision-makers from across the spectrum of relevant stakeholders, including business, governments and science.  


Our activities facilitate the development of impactful coalitions, as well as the cross-sector dialogue necessary to identify future biosecurity challenges and opportunities.


Partnerships & Coalitions

We draw on the World Climate Foundation’s wealth of experience - our Climate Investment Coalition, for example, was able to generate US$130 billion in commitments to be invested in climate before 2030.  

 World Health Network aims to replicate the previous coalition building for health by engaging crucial high-level stakeholders across a range of sectors. In doing so, the Network facilitates the building of impactful coalitions in order to develop innovative solutions and policies for the pressing pandemic and other international health issues. 


Together with our international stakeholder network, members and partners, we take a market-oriented approach to identify key partnerships, initiatives and coalitions that can provide strategic solutions for and further action towards, pandemic prevention. 


Community Engagement

We engage our community of partners, sponsors, members and other relevant stakeholders in a structured way across government, business, finance, and civil society. We identify strategic challenges and opportunities while communicating activities and outcomes to a broader audience. 

Global Events

The roadmap for 2023 will follow the recommendations and strategies set by World Health Organization (WHO) and One Health High-Level Expert Panel (OHHLEP). We will build up to World Resilience Summit by first establishing a scientific committee and starting the cross-sector dialogue through a webinar. We will spend the rest of the year by linking the summit outcomes to biodiversity, health and climate context.   


Strategic Insights

Our partners, sponsors and members benefit from a wide range of strategic insights and service around the year, delivered though our exclusive channels, on elements such as latest insights on upcoming global events, industry thought leadership and stakeholder matchmaking. 

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