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Creating Cross-Sectoral Impact for Climate, Biodiversity and Health Resilience 

Partnerships and coalitions are at the heart of the World Climate Foundation’s mission. We convene high-level partners to create engagement, action and investments to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero, nature-positive and resilient world. 

Joining the World Health Network allows members to play a leading role in developing solutions to health security risks. Working together with other key stakeholders, our community develops solutions to some of the most pressing health, climate and biodiversity challenges.  


Our community consists of members, strategic partners, and sponsors. Each has a crucial role to play, with each offering varying degrees of engagement in our network.  

Become a Member

For the purpose of managing future health security risks, members benefit from year-round engagement and gain priority access to our high-level impact events. Members also have the opportunity to participate in impactful coalitions and exclusive engagement opportunities, to showcase leadership and best practices to the community and to gain industry-relevant insights and connections through structured collaboration, while developing sector-specific transition pathways.  

Become a Strategic Partner

As Strategic Partners, international companies have the opportunity to engage with peer-group, high-level, global stakeholders. Benefitting from year-round agenda-setting and networking opportunities, they achieve progress within their respective sectors from our transition pathway guidance, supporting their journey towards pandemic resilience. 


Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring one of our events offers an opportunity for direct event-focused exposure and branding in the form of engagement opportunities, a live platform to promote the company's net-zero and nature-positive targets and other announcements and extensive visibility and outreach across communication platforms.  

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