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Building a Stronger Pandemic Treaty by Driving Public-Private Partnerships

World Health Network was initiated by the World Climate Foundation, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought into sharp focus the threats that health security risks can pose - not only to human health, but to development, the economy, and to global interconnectivity. 


The Network gathers public and private sector stakeholders from across the globe, serving as a catalyst for the necessary dialogue, partnerships, solutions, and investments to tackle future pandemic risks. Through our activities, the Network will allow for the development of integrated solutions to pandemic threats based on the One Health approach and will catalyse the collective action necessary to meet global health challenges.


The current pandemic has also highlighted the interconnected nature of human, animal and planetary health. Phenomena such as ecosystem degradation and population growth bring us in closer contact with wildlife, meaning health threats such as zoonotic diseases are set to increase.


As a result, the World Climate Foundation recognises the need to adopt a more holistic One Health approach to threats posed by pandemics - one that takes into account how these three aspects of global health relate to each other and, in turn, the need to tackle them in tandem to increase overall pandemic prevention and resilience. 


About the World Climate Foundation

The World Climate Foundation launched World Health Network with the aim of catalysing the cross-sectoral collaboration necessary to tackle the most pressing issues in health. 


Through its collaborative, high-level network, the World Climate Foundation works closely with inspiring leaders from government, business, financial institutions and civil society to build resilience in the face of global threats. The mission of the World Climate Foundation is to facilitate the economic transition to a net-zero, nature-positive and healthy planet through cross-sector dialogue, innovative partnerships and investments in sustainable solutions. 

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