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Partnerships for Resilient Future


Led by the World Climate Foundation, the World Health Network is a new platform addressing the accelerating climate and nature-related health risks.


This challenge requires cross-sector collaboration and a unified approach. The World Health Network connects the public and private sectors to set standards and norms for a resilient healthcare system.

The key objective is to accelerate public-private partnership solutions for a One Health Approach to achieve optimal health outcomes by recognising the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. 


Throughout 2024, we will have a roadmap of activities during the most influential global convenings around the world - from Climate Week NYC to COP16 in Cali and COP29 in Baku - to engage and bring together relevant stakeholders and partners to address the growing pressure on health imposed by climate change and biodiversity loss. We will explore health-related topics in-depth at our upcoming World Climate Summit and World Biodiversity Summit.

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Creating a More Resilient and Safe Future

Promoting and strengthening synergies across different sectors of society is crucial to prevent future health crises caused by climate and biodiversity challenges. Members and partners of the World Health Network have the opportunity to work closely across a wide range of sectors, as well as benefit from the collaboration in tackling this global challenge.

Engagement Opportunities

Our community consists of members, strategic partners and sponsors. Each has a crucial role to play, offering various degrees of engagement in our Network.

Latest News

Explore the latest news from the World Climate Foundation's networks and activities.

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