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Partnerships to Prevent Future Pandemics


Led by the World Climate Foundation, World Health Network convenes key stakeholders to catalyse public-private dialogue for pandemic prevention, preparedness and risk management.


World Health Network works towards a more resilient world and contributes to the implementation of the pandemic treaty, expected to be adopted during the 76th World Health Assembly. 


World Health Network is establishing a public-private dialogue on creating and accelerating solutions for prevention, preparedness and risk management of future pandemics and beyond the health sector. 



Throughout 2023, we will have a roadmap of activities during the World Health Assembly, World Health Summit, Climate Week NYC and COP28 in Dubai to engage and gather relevant stakeholders and partners for outcomes and agenda points for the network. 

The overall roadmap agenda will follow the pandemic treaty agenda set by World Health Organization (WHO). During the spring, the network will first establish a scientific committee and commence the public-private dialogue. After World Resilience Summit, the rest of the year will be focused on linking the summit outcomes to biodiversity, health and climate agenda. 

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Creating a More Resilient Future

Promoting and strengthening synergies across different sectors of society is crucial to prevent the next pandemic. Members and partners of World Health Network have the opportunity to work closely across wide range of sectors, and to reap the benefits that arise from the collaboration in tackling this global challenge.

Engagement Opportunities

Our community consists of members, strategic partners and sponsors. Each has a crucial role to play, offering various degrees of engagement in our Network.

Engagement Opportunities

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